Roustabout/One Track Heart - Rare - Promo Details

Released in America, RCA SP-139
Condtion: Disc Only: M-
Format: 45 Single, Rare, Promo
SKUID: 119310

for $299.99
This extraordinarily rare RCA white label promo is an exclusive airplay special record sent by RCA to the nation's most popular disc jockeys in hopes that they would play the single and thus promote Elvis' latest film, Roustabout, which, of course, was also his latest RCA Victor soundtrack album. The plan worked as the film was a box office smash and the album went to No. 1 on Billboard's chart. The copy that I am offering here is truly beautiful. I doubt that it was ever on a turntable. While it retains all of its original shine and luster there are paper scuffs on the Roustabout side which can be seen when holding the record under a bright light. One Track Heart side is mint as are both of the beautiful snow white labels. A tiny crease can be seen on the label which is actually something that occurred at the RCA pressing plant. The crease is extremely light and frankly I missed it. I'm probably nit-picking when I'm telling you but it is there.
Roustabout/One Track Heart Image
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