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Paul Lichter

Paul Lichter, rock concert promoter and manager of the legendary 60's groups The Soul Survivors and the Vanilla Fudge, first met Elvis in Burbank, California when Elvis was filming his famous NBC 1968 TV Special.  The two became friends and often exchanged gifts.  Colonel Parker, Paul' unofficial mentor, would eventually become honorary Godfather to Paul's son Tristan-Elvis.  

Paul founded the Elvis Unique Record Club in 1970.  He published the Elvis fanzine Memphis Flash from the 70's to the early 80's.  The Memphis Flash was the world's most read Elvis magazine.  In 1978 Paul co-starred in the motion picture Elvis Portrait Of A Legend along with Sammy Davis, Jr., Steve Allen, Andy Kaufman and Milton Berle.

Paul has written sixteen best selling books which have sold over 20 million copies making him the most read Elvis author in history.  His books have been in the personal libraries of two President's of the United States and their success is just one of the factors which led to Paul being made an honorary citizen of the state of Tennessee in 1984 on behalf of his efforts concerning Tennessee's favorite son, Elvis Aron Presley.  

Paul shared the magic of Elvis live at over 850 of Elvis' personal appearances.  Stories of Paul's relationship with Elvis and his fans have appeared in virtually every newspaper in the world.  He has been a guest on hundreds of TV shows and his story has been well documented in magazines from Playboy to Rolling Stone.

Paul has stated growing up with Elvis and being able to earn a living supporting a man he loves is like being a kid celebrating Christmas every day of the year.  He will continue to share his memories and affection for a man who he was proud to call a friend and who almost single handedly changed the history of popular music and culture; a man with humble origins known to millions of fans throughout the world today simply as 'The King'.

Elvis Unique Record Club

The Elvis Unique Record Club, founded in 1970 by Paul Lichter, is one of the largest mail order businesses in the world.  For the past 43 years through the Elvis Unique Record Club Paul has supplied Elvis fans around the world with everything from Elvis' first Sun record to the latest Elvis compact disc.  Our print catalog, Elvis Today Vol. 6 price guide book, features approximately 11,000 items, virtually every original Elvis record from every country in the world, over 2,000 Elvis compact discs, every book, video, laser disc, DVD, Elvis magazine, RCA promo items, EPE 1956 memorabilia, movie memorabilia and much more are for sale.


At last Elvis has a site 'Fit For A King'.  Thank you for visiting our on-line store.  You will find thousands of original items with photos.  We are getting new items on a weekly basis.  I'm sure as you surf our site you will find something for everybody.  It has been a tremendous undertaking to prepare this site for you but I think that both Elvis and you all, the greatest people in the world, Elvis fans, deserve it.
Thanks, Paul

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