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Elvis Now Las Vegas Hilton RCA Canvas Banner

New Assorted Vegas Memorabilia arrival

This magnificent 30x40 canvas Las Vegas Elvis Now display poster complete with metal eyelets was originally produced by Colonel Tom Parker to hang in the Hilton Hotel during Elvis' Vegas engagement. As most serious collectors know the paint on canvas is notorious for flaking and falling off. Not so with this practically mint perfect original canvas display poster. All paint and images are as nice as the day this poster was produced. There is no question that of the three canvas banners still known to exist, including the one at Graceland, this is the nicest one in existence.

Elvis Presley's Greatest Film Performance King Creole Paul Lichter Deluxe Book

New PL Book arrival

The One Elvis Book That Stands Head And Shoulders Above All Others

Normally $69.99 - Now $39.99JAT Publishing presents Elvis Presley's greatest film performance in his favorite role "Elvis Presley King Creole". A special limited edition deluxe hardback book by Paul Lichter and Joseph A. Tunzi. There have been two fine books previously published but there has never been anything like this. Paul and Joe have opened their personal archives to give every Elvis fan the ultimate Elvis King Creole book. This book is loaded with unpublished and rarely seen exclusive photographs. You will be on the set with Elvis while he films his greatest movie. You will be in the recording studio with Elvis as he records the film's legendary soundtrack songs but even more amazingly you will see a scene by scene recreation of the actual film in magnificent and unique original photographs. This book is guaranteed to blow your mind even if you are a lifetime Elvis fan who thinks you have seen it all. You haven't seen anything until you open this book.

Flip Flop And Fly - St. Louis To Atlanta 1973-1976 Concert Book

New Hardback Book arrival

Normally $125.00 - Now $79.99

JAT Publishing presents the greatest Elvis concert book ever! Joe Tunzi has produced a giant 2 pound book containing hundreds of exclusive world premier never-before-seen photographs of Elvis performing live on stage in concerts in the USA. These professional photographs capture the world's greatest entertainer in some of his legendary and beautiful jumpsuits. Every photo is printed and presented as a full page treat for every Elvis fan. Sold out around the world, we have a very small quantity of this strictly limited edition deluxe hardback book.

Paul Lichter's Elvis Memories A Love Story Deluxe Limited Collectors Edition

New PL Book arrival

The Rarest & Most Collectible Elvis Book Ever Published - Autographed by Elvis' Uncle Vester Presley and Paul Lichter

- 1985 - This deluxe limited edition of only 1,000 copies was produced exclusively for Graceland and sold out completely in one week. The copy I am offering here is in mint condition and has the low registration number 187. This is the first extra copy of, what is arguably the most collectible Elvis book ever published, that we have had in many years. It is the rarest and most beautiful Elvis book ever produced. Weighing over 4 lbs., housed in white leather and featuring a beautiful custom dust jacket. Every full page picture is an exclusive world premier concert shot. If you love The King in the 70s you must own this book. Gorgeous color bonus giant poster.

Paul Lichter's Elvis Memories A Love Story Golden Anniversary Edition

New PL Book arrival

Elvis Memories A Love Story Golden Anniversary Edition

This version of the rarest and most collectible Elvis book ever published was produced in 1985. The contents are exactly the same as the deluxe limited edition of only 1,000 copies that were produced exclusively for Graceland. This exclusive version was limited to 10,000 copies that were purchased by Elvis fans before the book was off the presses. Sold out and unavailable. Collectors worldwide have been searching for this since 1985. Housed in white leather the cover features gold engraving and a wonderful portrait of the young boy who would grow into a king. Over 300 pages featuring full page concert photographs in color and black/white. Every full page custom photograph is hand sewn into the binding. This book is mint, unread, like new.

American Trilogy

New 45 arrival

A beautiful example of one of the rarest of all of Elvis' RCA commercial releases. The original orange label record is mint. The impossible to find cover in decent condition is in near mint highly collectible condition. A tiny hint of wear here and there when being very critical stops me from calling it mint.

Mystery Train Mega-Rare Sun 45 Emerald Green Vinyl

New 45 arrival

Mega-Rare Emerald Green Vinyl Sun Single

This experimental gorgeous emerald green vinyl Sun 45 is one of only 50 pressed on green vinyl by Harry & Art, The Mariano Brothers, in 1971. Each brother kept one for themselves, presented Elvis with his own copy and the others were distributed to major collectors and friends of Elvis. The Mariano brothers used Sam Phillips' original master to press this record. The master pressing plate was obtained by the brothers from Sam Hodge, the owner of Paramount Records pressing plant who pressed the original black vinyl versions for Sun Records in the 1950's. This incredible offer is in stunning, mint, unplayed condition with mint labels. A chance to own history.

Balada Sangrenta (King Creole)

New EP arrival

Collectors Dream EP

This one is a monster. When it comes to Elvis' rare RCA worldwide extended plays this one is at the top of the list. Elvis collectors know that it is almost impossible to find Elvis' original 50's and early 60's Brazilian records in anything other than poor condition. The original RCA Victor blue and silver tri-center labels are near mint. The shiny vinyl is in outstanding VG+++ condition. The mega-rare cover is in VG+ condition. Seams, spine and corners show little wear, front cover graphics are beautiful, back cover with critique of the film in Spanish shows natural aging.

Jailhouse Rock The Alternate Album Deluxe Collectors CD

New CD arrival

Mega-Rare Collectors Compact Disc

This amazing and rare fan club release features all of the original masters, movie versions, alternates and bonus tracks from Elvis' classic Jailhouse Rock. You'll thrill to the exciting unreleased and alternate songs. All of this is housed in a deluxe digi pack package. Song titles: Jailhouse Rock Masters: Jailhouse Rock, Treat Me Nice, I Want To Be Free, Don't Leave Me Now, Young & Beautiful, Baby I Don't Care, The Movie Versions: Jailhouse Rock (version 1), Jailhouse (version 2), Young & Beautiful (version 1), Young & Beautiful (version 2), Don't Leave Me Now (version 1), Don't Leave Me Now (version 2), I Want To Be Free, Treat Me Nice, Young & Beautiful (version 3), The Alternates: Young & Beautiful (spliced tape), Young & Beautiful (take 19), Bonus Tracks: Baby I Don't Care (remix), Jailhouse Rock (remix 1), Jailhouse Rock (remix 2), One More Day (Mickey Shaughnessy), Inside Look At Jailhouse Rock

Bossa Nova Baby

New EP arrival

Mega-Rare Promo EP Unique Israeli Pressing

Original silver RCA Victor target logo black label. The labels and vinyl are in stunning mint unplayed uncirculated condition. Note: Side 1 label features both the white and orange RCA radio stickers. The highly laminated original cover is gorgeous near mint condition with perfect seams, corners and spine. Both the front and back cover are gorgeous. I am calling the cover mint minus owing to a couple of light creases near the open edge of the front cover.

Jailhouse Rock

New EP arrival

Mega-Rare Promo EP Unique Israeli Pressing

Original silver RCA Victor target logo black label. The labels and vinyl are in stunning near mint condition. Note: Side 1 label features both the white and orange RCA radio stickers. The highly laminated original cover is also in near mint condition with the lamination along the opening side of front cover beginning to lift. The perfect seams, corners and spine are great.

Elvis' Golden Records

New EP arrival

Mega-Rare & Beautiful EP

In the forty year history of the Elvis Unique Record Club this is the first time we've ever been able to offer this extraordinarily rare and unique original Mexican extended play. This is so rare that most major collectors are not even aware that RCA Mexico ever issued any Elvis EP in the fifties. This is it. The record is on the black dog on top label and both the Side 1 and Side 2 labels are mint. The record is shiny and mint. The stunning and unique cover is highly laminated in beautiful near mint condition. You'd be lucky to find this EP in any condition and you will probably never find one in this condition in this lifetime.

King Creole Vol. 1 - (Rey Criollo)

New EP arrival

Rare Mexico EP

This is a very rare original 1958 first pressing. As can be seen the cover is unique featuring a portrait of Elvis from his 1957 film, Loving You. This is an RCA Victor black dog on top label and has been nearly impossible to find even in Mexico for 4 decades. Disc is in VG condition. Cover is in VG- condition.

In The Ghetto

New EP arrival

Rare Portugal-only EP

When it comes to rare worldwide Elvis extended plays very few can compete with this stunning Portugal-only extended play. The gorgeous photo on the front cover and the song grouping are totally unique. The song selections are In The Ghetto, Any Day Now, If I Can Dream and Charro. This original RCA orange label was produced in an extremely limited quantity. The disc is mint. The cover shows some light wear but all graphics, corners, seams and spine are a strong VG+++.

Elvis' Christmas Album

New LP arrival

LOC-1034 South Africa LP

This is the South African original release of Elvis' legendary LOC-1035 Christmas album. South Africa released this with a different back cover than anywhere in the world and their version did not open up into a book with bonus photos. Just how rare is this release? Rare enough that I'm reasonably sure none of you have ever seen it before let alone had the opportunity to obtain it for your collection.

Awesome Elvis Rock Sex And Roll Paul Lichter Deluxe Collectors Edition Book

New PL Book arrival

Normally $69.99 - Special Offer $19.99

This new and stunning Paul Lichter and Joseph Tunzi deluxe limited edition book is a must for every Elvis fan and serious rock 'n roll lovers collection. A magnificent hard cover book printed on fine art paper and featuring almost 250 extraordinary photographs unpublished, unseen and mega-rare all from 1956 the year Elvis changed his world and ours forever. The concerts that rocked your world, the candids that capture the young king in personal and unguarded moments. Elvis' arrival in Hollywood is captured with rare screen test photos and during the filming of his first movie, Love Me Tender. Whether you own one Elvis book or hundreds this is the one Elvis book you will never want to put down and will never be able to forget. is proud to offer this special book at a special prepublication price. Order now and you will receive a bonus Elvis portrait pocket calendar with your book.

Bubble Gum Cards ©1956 Sepia Color

New EPE Memorabilia arrival

Normally $50.00 - Now $9.99

These are 2nd issue cards. They are exact repros of the original 1956 set. Both the front and back of each card are exactly the same but printed in sepia color. These were produced in the early 70's. There were 66 cards in the original set. This offer is for 25 different cards in mint condition.

Elvis By Special Request '71 At 40 The November Tour Paul Lichter/Joe Tunzi Book

New PL Book arrival

Normally $69.99 - Now $19.99

The first JAT Publications book devoted to Elvis' November 1971 concert tour. Text and photos provided by Paul Lichter. This deluxe limited edition hardback book by Joe Tunzi and Paul Lichter captures the beauty and excitement of Elvis' most exciting and undocumented tour. Over 250 color and black/white stunning world premier and rarely seen custom photographs. As a bonus some spectacular photographs of memorabilia from this great Elvis moment in time is included. Elvis '71 At 40 is your front row ticket to the greatest array of Elvis concert photos ever assembled at one time in one book.

Elvis Encore Performance 4: Back In The Windy City

New Hardback Book arrival

Normally $69.99 - Now $19.99

This magnificent hardback book produced in the size and quality of Joe's masterpiece 68 At 40 is a must for every fan who ever saw Elvis live in concert or wished they had. This custom hardback book covers Elvis' eight performances in Chicago and features over 200 photos in stunning color and beautiful black/white. Over 150 photographs are unpublished and will be making their world premier in this outstanding book.

Elvis Encyclopedia - The Book Event Of The Century

New Hardback Book arrival

Normally $65.00 - Now $19.99

It is almost impossible to know where to begin when attempting to describe this book. Simply put everything about this book is extraordinary. It is a deluxe 9x12 hardback which features a custom slipcase cover housing 608 pages weighing 7 pounds and containing 500 photographs. All of this on custom glossy pages. The photographs run the gamut from never-before-seen unposed candid moments to extraordinary concert images. 99% of these rare and exclusive photographs are in full-color. Movie posters, magazine covers, the rarest records and CDs, Elvis' private moments and his greatest performances are all included.

Paul Lichter has opened up his archives for this amazing book. Adam Victor, the author of the best-selling Marilyn Monroe Encyclopedia, has spent 6 years of obsessive research to create the most massive amount of text and in doing so this book is the most comprehensive book ever written on Elvis Presley. This is the definitive one-stop resource for all Elvis fans and scholars. The Elvis Encyclopedia surpasses everything that has come before it. It is a true testament to the legend that is Elvis Presley.

Elvis In The Beginning Mr. Dynamite Tour Book & Record

New Tour Photo Book Memorabilia arrival

Normally $29.99 - Now $9.99

In 1955, to promote Elvis' performance in Texarkana, Arkansas, at the Arkansas Municipal Auditorium, an interview was conducted by Elvis' then manager, Bob Neal. It featured Elvis, Scotty Moore and Bill Black. This interview, recorded in Memphis Tennessee is one of the earliest known Elvis Presley interviews. JAT Records, through a special arrangement with Memphis Flash Records, has obtained the original, vintage vinyl interview record and label, complete with a special two-sided Elvis Presley Picture Sleeve, but that's not all. In 1956, the year Elvis changed the world forever, Colonel Parker produced the first 100% Elvis tour book, that accompanied Elvis on his concert stops. This nostalgic photo book included stories and photos of Elvis rockin', Elvis with his parents, and much more. Now, for the first time ever, with the purchase of the reproduced vintage vinyl interview record, you will receive a stunning reproduction of the legendary Elvis (Mr. Dynamite) tour book, absolutely free. This special product from JAT Records/Memphis Flash, is a limited edition. So order yours today.

Elvis Presley And Nancy Sinatra On The Speedway by Paul Lichter

New PL Book arrival

Normally $69.99 - Now $19.99

Thanks to the overwhelming success of Viva Elvis! Viva Ann-Margret! Viva Las Vegas! Paul Lichter and Joe Tunzi are proud to present Elvis Presley And Nancy Sinatra On The Speedway a deluxe hardback limited edition collectors book designed by Tristan-Elvis Lichter. All the excitement of the original film and the Charlotte 600 Race are captured in words and stunning exclusive world premier color and black/white photographs from the famed Paul Lichter's Elvis Photo Archives. As a special Thank You to all Elvis fans for their loyalty and support if you purchase the book now you will also receive a very special promo-only Speedway compact disc that comes in a deluxe hard cardboard mini LP Elvis portrait cover.

Great '68 At 40 A Retrospective Special Collectors Softback Book Edition

New Softback Book arrival

Normally $29.99 - Now $19.99

Paul Lichter in cooperation with Joe Tunzi's JAT Publishing are proud to make available by special request a strictly limited quantity of the sold out critically praised '68 At 40 book. '68 At 40 is the definitive book on the making of the 1968 Elvis Presley TV Special, written by Steve Binder, the director and producer of the legendary Comeback Special. This magnificent collectors edition features artifacts and rare documents from Mr. Binder's personal collection and more than 125 pages filled with Binder's inside views and memories plus over 100 never-before-seen color photographs shot at the NBC Burbank Studios during the rehearsals as well as candids and shots from the sit-down and standup shows. Your chance to own what fans have called the greatest Elvis book ever published.

Greater Than Ever! Elvis Presley "Jailhouse Rock" Book

New Oversize Book arrival

Normally $69.99 - Now $19.99

More than a decade ago Jim Hannaford produced the legendary "Inside Jailhouse Rock" book. It was an instant sellout. Joe Tunzi and JAT Publications have teamed with Mr. Hannaford to produce Greater Than Ever! Elvis Presley "Jailhouse Rock", a deluxe limited edition book. They say it's impossible to improve on a legend but Hannaford and Tunzi have proven that theory wrong. This book featuring Elvis in, what many consider to be his best film, is guaranteed to blow your mind. Filled with behind the scenes text and a mind boggling array of rare and unseen photographs in stunning color and magnificent black/white. Bonus Elvis 2010 pocket calendar included.

Millennium Elvis - As Good As It Gets/Larger Than Life By Paul Lichter

New PL Book arrival

Normally $65.00 - Now $19.99

Oversize Hardback book - 2000 - This limited edition collectors book is a deluxe hardback featuring 100 lb. coated enamel art paper housed in a gorgeous full color laminated cover featuring museum hand sewn binding to ensure its enduring collectors value. For the start of the 21st Century Paul Lichter produced this very special book in a unique fashion. Millennium Elvis is actually two complete and different books in one. Book 1: As Good As It Gets....This is your VIP pass to Elvis' greatest concerts. Whether you were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see the world's greatest performer in person or have only dreamed of what it would have been like. This is chance to live or relive that magic moment, Elvis live & in person....Fabulous never before published full color & black/white concert photographs....Elvis wearing your favorite jumpsuits. These photographs are so beautiful & outstanding that you can actually count Elvis' eyelashes. Book 2: Larger Than Life....A personal Elvis captured behind the scenes, at home, on the road, on the set....Includes two bonuses - Bonus 1: Heartwarming moments with Elvis, Priscilla & Lisa Marie in incredible never before released loving & candid photographs Bonus 2: The Lost Photo Session. These photographs come directly from Elvis' personal photo collection to you. They are absolutely amazing. Every breathtaking color & black/white photograph is being presented for the first time....Elvis was and is larger than life and believe me when I tell you when it comes to Elvis books Millennium Elvis is as good as it gets!

Thank You Very Much By Paul Lichter

New PL Book arrival

Normally $65.00 - Now $19.99

Oversize Hardback book -1998 - Elvis in concert 1970-73. He's lean, mean & kickin' butt. Magnificent action shots of Elvis wearing his fabulous Long Fringe Suit, That's The Way It Is Suit, amazing tour candids and much more - Every word of text in Elvis' own words - Elvis speaks to you live from Vegas, tour stops and stages across the way - This limited edition collectors dream book features a deluxe laminated color hardback portrait cover and is a museum quality book printed on fine art enamel paper. Features hand sewn pages that enhance and ensure its collectors value. Elvis Thank You Every Much is your front row ticket to the ultimate concert book. Special introduction by Jonathan Taurog, Elvis' longtime friend, tour companion and son of famed Elvis film director Norman Taurog

Viva Elvis! Viva Ann-Margret! Viva Las Vegas! by Paul Lichter

New PL Book arrival

Normally $69.99 - Now $19.99

This book has taken Paul & Joe Tunzi 6 years to produce and is the first new Paul Lichter book in 10 years. With more than 225 rare and unpublished gorgeous color and black/white exclusive photos and informative text this is the Elvis book of the year. You will go on the set, into the recording studio and behind the scenes with the film's two stars, Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley. Every page in color. Viva Elvis! Viva Ann-Margret! Viva Las Vegas! has been custom designed by Paul's son, Tristan-Elvis. If you are an Elvis fan this is one book you'll treasure forever.

C'mon Everybody

New LP arrival

Mint Sealed Original LP

Original RCA Camden blue label. Rare still sealed copy. Your chance to go back to the 1970's and purchase this stone mint, still sealed, never opened Elvis classic LP.

Elvis Collectors Gold United States LP Boxset

New LP arrival

The Rarest American Elvis Vinyl Boxset Ever Made

Super rare vinyl version of the CD set. Same beautiful cover but in giant 12x12 size. 3 individual picture sleeves plus unreleased studio, movie outtakes & a complete '69 Vegas concert and a 12x12 book. This incredible 3-record set was produced in the U.S. by RCA to be sold only on TV. This was done at the same time as the commercial CD boxset of the same title. The limited edition vinyl boxset was pressed by RCA as a limited numbered edition of 10,000. This mega-rare stone mint boxset is No. 0005131 and is still sealed. For whatever reason the planned TV marketing never happened and RCA ordered all copies of this boxset to be destroyed. Very few survived. The one I am offering you here came directly from an RCA executive's own collection.

From Elvis Presley Boulevard

New LP arrival

Rare Still Sealed Original LP

A beautiful original first pressing on the tan RCA label. This is a still sealed copy in beautiful mint condition.

I Want You With Me/Give Me The Right Pink Marble Vinyl Promo

New 45 arrival

Mega-Rare Limited Edition Promo 45 RPM Single

This original white label promo was never released by RCA in 1960. A mega-rare special limited edition of 500 copies have now been made available on beautiful pink marble vinyl complete with a stunning two-sided beautiful color custom picture sleeve. Place your order now as this collectors dream single will quickly sell out and only increase in value. Please note: This incredible collectible is housed in a cardboard EP type cover and still sealed.

I'm Coming Home/Slicin' Sand Rare RCA Pink Marble Vinyl Promo

New 45 arrival

Pink Marble Vinyl Promo

Original RCA Victor black dog on top label with the mega-rare RCA-DJ prefix. Record is beautiful pink marble vinyl. The beautiful and unique picture cover completes this stone mint promotional Elvis record.

Good Rockin' Tonight Pink Marble Vinyl Promo EP

New EP arrival

Mega-Rare HMV Pink Marble Vinyl Promo

This mega-rare promotional-only version of the original British His Master's Voice EP was produced years ago in Japan as a bonus giveaway for a compact disc boxset. Never commercially sold this stone mint purple marble vinyl record features the gorgeous white and green custom His Master's Voice label. The beautiful and highly laminated cover is also stone mint.

Love Me Tender Purple Marble Vinyl Promo EP

New EP arrival

Mega-Rare HMV Purple Marble Vinyl Promo

This mega-rare promotional-only version of the original British His Master's Voice EP was produced years ago in Japan as a bonus giveaway for a compact disc boxset. Never commercially sold this stone mint purple marble vinyl record features the gorgeous white and green custom His Master's Voice label. The beautiful and highly laminated cover is also stone mint.

Elvis Follow That Dream The Sampler Mega-Rare Promo CD

New CD arrival

Mega-rare promotional sampler issued by the RCA/Follow That Dream label in 2000 housed in a highly laminated 5" miniature record cover rarely if ever offered for sale. This extraordinary promo CD includes the original accompanying color bonus sheet from Follow That Dream explaining their new collector's label philosophy. Mint, unplayed, uncirculated. Song titles: Trouble/Guitar Man (alternate take 4 from the Follow That Dream release Burbank '68), Guitar Man (from the Follow That Dream release Burbank '68), Cross My Heart And Hope To Die (alternate take 6 from the Follow That Dream release Out In Hollywood), It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (from the Follow That Dream release In A Private Moment), Hurt (alternate take from the April 2000 Follow That Dream release The Jungle Room Sessions), Faded Love (excerpt from live performance from a future Follow That Dream release)

Elvis That's The Way It Is Collectors Edition

New CD arrival

Normally $49.99 - Now $29.99

The great FTD label has listened to the fans' request and given us this amazing 2-disc set that promises to be the best of all of their releases. As if all of the rehearsals, live performances, all unheard aren't enough this deluxe collectors edition comes in a 7" tri-fold cover complete with a bonus 20 page full color book. Song titles: Disc 1 - That's The Way It Is The Album - I Just Can't Help Believing (live), Twenty Days And Twenty Nights, How The Web Was Woven, Patch It Up (live), Mary In The Morning, You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (live), I've Lost (live), Just Pretend, Stranger In The Crowd, The Next Step Is Love, Bridge Over Troubled Water - Bonus tracks: Patch It Up (studio version), I've Lost You (studio version), Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (take 8), Bridge Over Troubled Water (live), Little Sister/Get Back (live), Something (live), The Next Step Is Love (undubbed master), Patch It Up (take 1), Bridge Over Troubled Water (alternate mix) - Disc 2 - The Sessions - Tiger Man (jam), Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (rehearsal takes 1,2,3), I've Lost You (rehearsal take 1), Bridge Over Troubled Water (take 1), You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (rehearsal composite), The Next Step Is Love (rehearsal takes 2,3,6), How The Web Was Woven (rehearsal take 1), Stranger In The Crowd (rehearsal takes 1,3,4,5), Stranger In The Crowd (master take 9-rough mix), Mary In The Morning (takes 1,23,4), Patch It Up (takes 2,3,4,5,6,7), Patch It Up (take 9-alternate master), You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (takes 1,2), Just Pretend (takes 1,2), The Next Step Is Love (takes 7,8.910), Bridge Over Troubled Water (rehearsal takes 2,5), I've Lost You (takes 4,5,6), Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (takes 5,6), Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (take 9 master-rough mix)

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